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S  E  R  V  I  C  E  S

Leadership can be demonstrated from any level, but dynamic, high achieving and positively focused organizations know that leadership, as influence must come from the top down.  

As an influence expert, I have worked with nearly every thinkable industry and bring 15 years of field experience to C Level leaders looking to  implement  effective strategies to sustain achievement and exceed expectations. 

The power is in the people. My unique content and approach blends leadership science and psychology to help leaders understand why people do what they do, and how we influence to "get" people to do what we need them to do, and genuinely enjoy doing it. 

Concepts Include: Personality Management, Change Dynamics, Power + Authority Dynamics, Emotional Investment, Perception + Influence, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making, Culture + the Team, Work Approach, and more. 


Looking to capitalize on an implemented initiative, or smooth out "people issues" that may be impacting results? 

Begin the Alignment process with a complimentary 60 Minute Zoom Meeting where Allison will help to determine and capture the specific opportunities or challenge you are experiencing, and create a plan to align performance with your goals. 


Implementing an important initiative and want to ensure that you consider the impact on your people?

Begin the Anticipatory process with a complimentary 60 Minute Zoom Meeting where Allison will help to determine potential challenges and opportunities and come up with a plan to ensure that you know how to respond productively to any impact on your employees. 


If you're looking to further strengthen your skills of influence, this comprehensive coaching program will provide you with the ONLY leadership development you will need. 

Delivered via live sessions (in person or Zoom), recorded video and audio, complete with cases studies, light coursework and other exercises to support your learning, this program offers 12 live sessions and more than 10 hours of support content. Working around your schedule. 


If you're looking to develop your skills of influence and prefer a free flowing structure, individual coaching sessions is the way to go. 

Allison will incorporate her exclusive leadership development content into your sessions, providing you with realistic, applicable and powerful concepts and strategies to maximize positive impact on your role and on your teams. 

Meet via Zoom or in person, if local. 

Enjoy a flexible schedule and flexible options to suit your interest and needs. 




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