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For over fifteen years, I have coached, consulted, facilitated and lectured on leadership and human dynamics-or, influence as leadership as I prefer to call it. In addition to mastery in leadership dynamics, I am also educated in psychology at the doctorate level with a specialty in "energy psychology" or put simply, emotions as an energetic influence on the mind and body-specifically the immune system. 

I have worked with every industry you can think of, every kind of personality, and have talked about everything "human" you can imagine. I have developed over 72 hours of content and training-and it is so effective, I would confidently stand it up against anything you could find "out there" and expect it to be superior. 

BUT! Here is something that has become extremely clear: if an individual does not get coherent with their own "internal landscape", the very best leadership coaching will be useless to them. 

My approach to leadership and influence coaching is centered around first; understanding the self and then, seeing and understanding the behavior of others. 


We look at dynamics such as: personality, power and authority, change and adaptation, emotional investment, communication, conflict resolution, paradigms and perception, emotion as energy, beliefs and intuition and more.

My approach is NOT your typical leadership program-we will be talking about and working with traditional leadership and psychology science, but also with disciplines such as noetic science, consciousness studies and more.  We won't be having typical "leadership as process" conversations-but in the context of energetic, organic dynamics between human beings. What makes people do what they do? What do they want? We ask and address the real questions. 

Once learned and applied, you change. And so does the world around you. 

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