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What the Western world needs, are naturopathic practitioners that are dedicated to research, science, and evidence-based techniques, to bring powerful, effective and ancient modalities to people in America.  Empirical data is the standard by which the modern world judges efficacy and legitimacy-and modalities that approach the world of  body/mind energy as well as energy naturally occurring, IS a robust field of evidence-supported results. These results remind us that existing energy, our own consciousness, and the Earth that supports us, are often all we need to restore ourselves to total wellness. 

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VST is truly a powerful healing modality-steeped in ancient origin and practice, the Western world has begun to take notice of in the last decade. 

Sound and vibration are waves, moving through a medium, all at different frequencies. Vibration and sound can move through air at roughly 300 meters per second, and through fluid about four times faster. As the body is made up mostly of fluid, vibration applied to the body can cover alot of "ground", very quickly. 

BODY THERAPY: When applied to the body, vibration reaches the cells-whether a single cell or a group of cells like an organ-it sends energy into the area like a wave. The cells disperse and come back together, the energy delivered into all applied areas. When a part of the body is experiencing disease, illness, sluggishness or injury, as a result, there is often too little or too much energy in that area. Vibration therapy helps to introduce energy into an area and balance energy that exists there as it moves through the body. The research on vibration and physical healing is very compelling. 

Areas of the body are vibrating at different frequencies-and will respond to different frequencies in unique ways. 

And bowls matter! 

Singing bowls come in many different varieties of sizes, material and resonance. Some bowls, like those made from brass or crystal, are specifically made to deliver healing sound with less intense vibration, while others, such as the ones that I use, are made specifically to deliver healing vibration with less intense sounds 

The bowls I use for VST, are made in Nepal (an area of the world where vibration for healing is thousands of years old), they are hand hammered (meaning each one is unique) and made of bronze-an incredibly conducive mix of tin and copper. These bowls, made by at least 4 artisans at a time, are designed specifically in diameters and thickness to achieve different frequencies that can be used on the body. 

RELAXATION THERAPY: The benefit of therapeutic relaxation should not be understated. Most of the time, we are operating in the "BETA" brain wave state: highly alert energy to help us navigate the world. But it is when we achieve brain waves states of "ALPHA", "DELTA", and "THETA" that we relax and healing can be introduced into the body. When we change our brainwave state, we signal our amygdala (our fight, flight or freeze part of our brain) to relax and our nervous system calms down. When that occurs, our endocrine system (glands responsible for making chemicals and hormones), is triggered into making beneficial chemicals like serotonin and dopamine, that benefit our entire system. Achieving this state, is like opening the door for the body to heal, restore and balance itself. 

TRAINING AND FOCUS MATTERS: Not all practitioners of VST or ST have any formal training. This is important to know because Vibration is not ALWAYS without contraindication. Technique and science need to come together to deliver a well informed session to ensure the safety of the client, as well as getting the most of your investment. I attended the Vibrational Sound Association for my training and became Certified in early 2023 and will be a Licensed VST Practitioner by July of 2023. The VSA and its community of practitioners are dedicated to continued education, group practice sharing and maintaining ethical and legal standards at all times. 


Essential oils have been used for healing since the dawn of civilization, in Sumer of Mesopotamia and in nearly every culture around the globe since then. The use of powerfully effective, therapeutic EO's and their capabilities have been "lost" on mainstream Westerners and are often regarded as "nice smelling oils" that have no "real" effect or impact. This could not be further from the truth. 

Essential oils are extracted from certain plants, trees and flowers and have thousands of chemical constituents known to science, that can address hundreds of physiological and psychological ailments through the use of oral, dermal and aromatic applications. 

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In addition to the undeniable benefits of literal aroma-therapy (inhaling/smelling the oils), EO's contain a variety of chemical constituents that are shown, through decades of robust research, to be effective against viruses, bacteria, imbalanced inflammation, cancer, headaches, burns, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, and just about every ailment you can possibly think of. The immune, nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular system benefits are astounding. There is even current research (working off of previous Influenza A research), looking at Melaleuca (tea tree oil) as an effective treatment against Covid-19 and research looking at limonenes (one chemical constituent) and frankincense for cancer treatments. 

EO's have the ability to even penetrate the blood/brain barrier (where most substances cannot), will enter the blood stream quickly through the skin-and some can even be digested with proper guidance from an expert.

EO's, for therapeutic use, are incredibly safe to use-but do not come without some contraindications! It is important to work with an educated practitioner to understand how to use them because like anything, a lack of understanding with anything regarding the body, always comes with some risks. 

My work with essential began roughly 7 years ago but just this year, I decided to take my passion and my expertise to the next level. I am currently completing a Certification in Clinical Master Aromatherapy, from the Center for Aromatic Studies and am an informal student of Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist and Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Scott A Johnson and follow his techniques for essential oil body therapy. I am dedicated to following in the footsteps of American pioneers who practice strict evidence-based aromatherapy and believe in the world of healing and balance that can be achieved through an organic symbiosis with the gifts the Earth has given us. 

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Everything is energy-including your emotions. If this weren't true, we wouldn't have things like stress causing heart attacks, stomach ulcers and headaches. They are thoughts and experiences with real frequency-and they are impacting our total health without question. 

To evolve and to experience peace, we need to learn how to generate an emotional life of coherence: functional, regulated emotions that we can learn to navigate, influence and balance as we experience them. 

When considering the impact of emotional frequency, it is important to partner that idea with the concept that everything is mind-meaning, everything we think, feel and believe is creating our perspective, and the reality that we experience. We must first understand the "grip"  our created reality has on us (what I call our "mentalism") and determine how we want to feel and "tune" our emotional frequency to get there. 

"Energy Psychology" is not a literal term but one that I use to describe the work that I do to help people better understand the dynamics of human, spiritual and energetic life. In a "psychology" session, we will not be diagnosing or unpacking mental illness or disorder-we will be discussing how our "mentalism" and our corresponding human and energetic functions are impacting our daily lives and learning tools to create coherence everyday, no matter what. These concepts lead to peace-which ultimately, is what we are all after. My Emotional Coherence Coaching Program is a 6-session program with customized "homework", specifically designed for fast track coherence creation for advanced students ready to take their lives to the next level. 


My educational background and personal passions for psychology and noetic science has led me to this exciting path. Choosing deliberately NOT to degree down the path of clinical licensed Psychology, I realized that I did not want to diagnosis mental illness or disease but rather, work with people at the next phase of their psychology and focus on expansive areas of psychology. I am a current PhD Psychology candidate (dissertation defense by December 2024) with a focus in psychoneuroimmunology (how you think and feel affects your immune system) and vibrational healing modalities. My areas of research include: consciousness and the brain, consciousness and radical healing, vibrational healing modalities, essential oils and healing, epigenetics, meditation for healing, anxiety and depression and meditation data, psy phenomena (channeling, remote healing, mediumship, subtle body energy reading, etc) and other exciting and data-rich areas. 


Some people are on a journey to awaken the mind, get closer to their concept of the Divine and live in true peace. Spiritual Counseling is a way to connect about spiritual matters and perspectives in an exploratory way, to contemplate or talk about profound topics and to raise their soul-frequency-as often or as little as needed! 

Spiritual Counseling is a great choice for people who might be looking for support and growth, but not emotional or psychological "therapy" and who might not be connected already with foundational members of a church or religion, such as clergy. Bring your own discussion or let Allison help guide you to it!

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