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Thank you for being here!

I have been so fortunate to follow all my talents and have the ability to help so many people in important ways. Inspired by curiosity, potential and a deep connection to peaceful living, I embarked on a leadership and human dynamics career, earning a Master's Degree in Leadership Science and am nearly finished with a PhD in Psychology. As a specialist, my human dynamics focus was on why we do what we do, how we do it and how it makes us feel (see a full bio here). I have enjoyed a fifteen year-long career as a business owner, consultant, lecturer, coach, facilitator and speaker. I also hosted two radio shows and was a guest on many business shows, blogs and publications, such as Crain's Detroit. I studied energy psychology, consciousness and the body, the mind and manifestation, psychoneuroimmunology and other Noetic sciences that dive deep into the development and connection to the spirit. I still enjoy working with people in this capacity, in selective environments, and with individuals truly seeking a more grounded way of living. I invite you to follow my Blog to join me in my continued journey in embracing the true essence of the joy of living. 

My passion for assisting people in not only influencing their own lives to their greatest design but also to widen their positive impact on others around them has always been a major theme to my personal life and career. In addition, I have enjoyed the creative aspects of life, specifically in helping my community to cultivate dynamic and inspiring environments to help them grow and thrive. As a result, I became a Licensed Realtor in 2018 and have added another element of community, connection and service to my professional expertise that has been fun, rewarding and surprisingly, a great test of people ability and positive influence. 


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