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Everything in existence is made of energy-it emanates and impacts human, animals, plants and all living things in ways that are important to understand. Our emotional, physical and mental health is determined by our balance of and relationship to energy. As someone who has always been "sensitive" to this resonance,  I was drawn, early on,  to energy research, noetic sciences and evidence-based therapies to share with other to promote natural healing and mental, physical, spiritual and energetic peace.


I am a current PhD candidate in the dissertation phase. My doctorate work is in Psychology, with a specialty in Trauma and a focus on psychoneuroimmunology, consciousness and healing, and emotions as resonance. As an Energy Psychology and Emotional Resonance Coach, I have  coached, facilitated, and lectured on energy and human dynamics for over 15 years. As an energy practitioner,  I have helped hundreds of people connect to  their own emotional signatures for healing and have developed a 6-session coaching program to guide people to true emotional coherence.  Additionally, I am a Certified Spiritual Counselor and offer regular or spontaneous sessions with people looking to dig deeper into spiritual life and an awakened journey.


I am a Licensed Vibrational Sound Therapist, educated by the Vibrational Sound Association. I am a certified Aromatherapist and am completing advanced certification as an evidence-based Clinical Aromatherapist through the School for Aromatic Studies, to offer body work and consultation of therapeutic essential oils.  I have also been a Licensed Esthetician for over 20 years, with a focus on frequency raising treatments for the face and body. 


It is my sincere passion to work with others to guide them toward their healing and true peace and wellness. Get more human dynamics bio details here. 

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