Live up to the Challenge: Be Positive

I know-it's a mind boggling quote.

Although it may not strike you as rocket science, the truth behind this will knock the socks off your life.

Every aspect of life will offer the opportunity for you to choose to think positively or negatively and as stated, positive mindsets are proactive. Negative mindsets...just aren't.

With the risk of sounding like I'm finding a "teachable moment" for a toddler, I'm offering YOU an opportunity to really scrutinize your thinking habits. I've coached hundreds of people and many ultimately turn into a "Yabbit". You know the "yeah...but..." every time someone suggests a more proactive or positive way to approach something? There is always an answer to a more positive suggestion. We all do it but some of us do it more often than not and here's what I've noticed that may offer a reason as to why:

1. We want to complain. Of course we do! Things don't always go the way we want them to. Complaining is an outlet-but it's not a solution. If you're leaving a conversation that could really use a solution without one and in its place, a litany of complaints just trailing off into the air without much of a conclusion, you're missing an entire step to problem solving.

2. We want to be mad/afraid/anxious/irritated etc. Hello, Politics. Social Justice Issues. Religion, Sexuality...any conversation that becomes super toxic, negative or nasty without resolution. It's a hotbed of emotions because these things are usually significant things but coming it at from a place of blame, shame, hatred, anger, or any other negative emotion (even on a milder scale) is not proactive. If you can see people doing this with the big stuff, you know it's happening on a micro scale that is just as toxic.

3. We are in the habit. Look and listen to things around you: we are practically conditioned to think negatively. Good news rarely sells, everyone loves a good scandal, roast or mob and social media has become a platform for unhappiness in a lot of ways. But, as I mentioned earlier, if you LOOK for the positive in all these places, you will find that too. You just need to think about how you have been conditioned to react and see if it needs adjusting.

4. It's easier. All of the above (and more), make it really easy to be more negative than positive. More importantly, life is not easy. Sometimes it's tougher to be committed to positivity because it's often harder to find it in the dark-but that doesn't mean it's not there. I personally would rather take the harder route because I'm not ok with doing something so adversely impactful on my life because it's easier. Are you?

The benefits to being a proactive thinker are so many and so obvious, they don't need to be named here. Don't let yourself off the hook so quickly-is your internal landscape more positive than negative? If not, do something about that right. now. :)

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