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You know you want to sell your home and to you, you can't see any reason why it wouldn't sell fast! It's clean, it's in good condition...why not? Realtors who spend most of their days inside other people's homes can tell you-what you see may not be what a buyer sees. An online poll on "The Balance" info site gives us the Top 10 Selling Turn Off's to think about. 1. Unpleasant Odors. Seems like an obvious, right? Cigarette smoke, fish, strong spices, animal feces, urine or dander, plugged kitchen drains...I've smelled them all. Don't just mask the smell if you know you have one-find the source and fix it. Buyers will ask you to do it anyway...that is, if they get further inside to look! Basement smell wet or damp or sewage-y? Buyers will smell it. 2. Dogs greeting at the door. If you have a fur baby, this may seem unbelievable to you but it's true-not everyone loves dogs (or cats), some people are actually afraid of them and if they are loose in the house when a buyer comes to tour it, they might not come in at all (this has happened to me!) Some folks see animals (or just their toys!) and think "pet hair in carpet" and get freaked out. Best plan of action: take the animals out if at all possible or have them in safely in a special pet place you keep in the house when a buyer comes to see it. 3. Dirty bathrooms. This one needs no explaining. Toilet seats down, sinks clean, showers picked up... 4. Dimly lit rooms. Unless it's a buyer looking for a cave, most people prefer light and bright. It's tough to feel excited about something that looks a little depressing. Put a lamp on, crack open the blinds a bit, pull the drapes back. Make sure the windows don't have pet noses on them or grimy hand prints! 5. Lots of wallpaper. Hey-some wallpaper is just plain cool and it's certainly not a No-No as a rule of thumb. But people see ALOT of wall paper, especially the outdated kind, and it translates into "WORK". I know how to take wallpaper down in a jiffy-contact me with questions! 6. Damp Basements. Not only can the odor be unpleasant, but it also translates into "TROUBLESOME BASEMENT/FOUNDATION" which is a money pit. Many buyers will walk away from a basement with issues. Take care of them if at all possible. 7. Bugs. Again-not too much to explain here. We have box elders and stink bugs at our house and one call of a good pest control company later and they were gone. If you aren't willing to do that, at least vacuum them up. Spiders and cobwebs on the walls?? Have you met Mr. Hoover? 8. Poor Curb Appeal: This one is a little tougher. It's not always easy (or affordable) to redo the front of your house if it needs it. There are painting and landscaping things that you can do to spruce things up a bit. Trim overgrown hedges, scrape and repaint peeling paint, plant a few annuals or get some potted plants for the porch. I offer landscaping advice also as an avid gardener-call me with questions! 9. Gutters with plants in it. We've all seen them. Nothing says "not well maintained" like a full plant nursery growing out of your gutters. Clean them out. 10. Sellers Who Hang Around During Showings. This has also happened to me more than once. Don't do it. Buyers want to roam around your place with free reign (it's true!) and they don't want you there to make it awkward while they talk about your house. I know sellers who think it will be helpful-in some cases, most, it won't.

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