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Yes, you create your reality.

Let me hit you with a bomb: you create your reality.

Sure, things are happening all around you. Sometimes it might even feel like they're happening to you-but I'm asking you to look deeper than that. Let's get a little quantum-mechanical...

Stripped down to bare bones, everything in life is just data. It's just data in front of you-as if you were standing in front of a swirling mass of people, places and things (which I'll call "events") and from each of those swirling pieces of data, you have the choice to take your finger and pluck! out whatever you want from each of those "events". Thank you-I'll take this, this and this. But I don't want that, that or that!

What you're "plucking" out of each of those events swirling around you, is how you choose to perceive it and how you choose to let it affect you. You get to decide how it enters into your "space".

Here's the kicker: the data is really pretty neutral. It means nothing unless we give it meaning. "But what about war? Cancer? Tragic accidents? Politics?!" you ask? Yep-still fairly neutral.

We ascribe meaning to everything. Everything. No exception. Nothing really means anything until you tell it what to mean.

We decide how we feel about something and how we feel about something is determined by our frameworks, our chosen state of mind and the perspective we are working from. We have heard the phrase: "You don't see people for who they are, you see people for who you are" and that phrase couldn't be more accurate. It applies to this concept entirely.

This concept also easily answers why people can be so different-how people arrive at such different conclusions. For example, one woman's cancer is her opportunity to get healthy, put her faith in her god and get serious about gratitude and it's another woman's panic, fear and anxiety. Cancer, like anything, just is.

What does this mean for your everyday? It means, you choose. It also means that absolutely, the "lens" that you look through impacts the way you think, decide, behave and communicate. It bleeds through into your entire impact. You are what you believe.

And people are responding to the manifestations of what and how you believe as a matter of interacting with you. As we all do-which is called, life on Earth.

So, let's make sure you know what you are choosing. There are a million things to examine. Let's start with 5..

1. What has your childhood taught you about people and the world around you?

2. How do you feel about people in general?

3. What values do you live by?

4. Are you optimistic? Pessimistic? Cynical? What is your general attitude throughout life?

5. What social constructions have you bought into? (race, gender, political, religious, social, etc)

Want a bigger list? I can help.


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