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What's Your Purpose? No-really...

Purpose is one of the things that drives the human experience.

It doesn't require extensive research to prove that people who don't feel they have a purpose, are not in touch with their purpose or aren't living their purpose are not entirely happy.

In my coaching experience, I listen to people go around and around things in their lives, not able to initially articulate that this is the cause of much of their inner dissatisfaction.

We want our lives to mean something. We want to have or add value. We want to be valued.

Here are a couple of things you can do to check how connected you are to purpose. Work on these things and your life will be fuller. I promise.

1. Real purpose has nothing to do with other people, really. It's about how you feel about you and the way you're living your life. Your life is yours to navigate. Purpose is not a feeling that's externally given. It isn't measured, necessarily, by what you do for others. It's about what you feel you're doing with life.

Think it over with intention. Choose 3-5 adjectives or descriptive phrases that accurately articulates what you feel your purpose is here in this lifetime.

2. Real purpose is not about your work-although it's a bonus if you are living it through work. I guarantee that purpose is a whole-self driven inquiry. Having purpose through your career alone won't cut it for long-term, total fulfillment if you, as a person, feel sort of unclear or worse-void.

Think it over with intention. In what ways does your work give you purpose? Is it aligned with your total self version of purpose? How can you align your total self's version to work to find purpose, if you feel like you don't have any there? Is work the only place you feel purposeful?

3. Purpose is not necessarily earth shattering actions, good deeds, acts of service, or major impacts. Purpose could simply be the way you choose to look at life, the qualities you live by, etc. Set with intention, I can also guarantee you, that other people will benefit from anything positive.

Think it over with intention. Based on your 3-5 descriptions, in what ways will purpose be carried out in your life? What does that look like?

4. "Life should be lived with purpose!" is something everyone "gets" but don't pay enough attention to because they're so used to hearing it, assume they already have it or are afraid to look at it in case they realize they don't have it. You are your own individual, your own life force. You have a life to live, your own path and an endless stream of choices of how to think, feel, decide and act in front of you, at all times. Your life is what you make it to be. Why the hell would you choose to do it unconsciously, to any degree?! Do the work. Figure out what Purpose really is according to you and then find ways to live it.

Think about it over with intention. How happy are you? How would you rate how much value what you do everyday has to your own life and to people around you? What would you do if you could do anything? What does that answer reveal about purpose? What two small changes in your life can you start with to live more aligned with what you are discovering?

The idea of purpose really comes down to your overall belief system. If you're someone who feels like life is random and nothing means anything....then you probably aren't too concerned about being intentional with your own life. I happen to believe that we knew what we were doing before we got here and all those "things" about you that make you YOU are more than a random cocktail of junk you've accumulated over the course of your lifetime. There's a reason you are what you are-get to figuring it out and you've got the world in your hands.


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