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Coaching: Your personal #evolutionrevolution

Many people are hesitant to coach. The top two reasons why that I hear are:

1) I don't want to pay for it.

2) I don't think I understand the value of it.

I can't say that I blame you-that used to be me. Most of the time, you think you know yourself pretty well and think you're doing a pretty good job as it is-and you're right.

After all, you've been "doing you" for a lot of years and most of us are swimming along.

However, if we're being honest, most of us could admit that things COULD be better. We could be less bothered by people, a master communicator, more fulfilled, more present, more aware of our weaknesses and triggers...MANY things in our lives could be improved. Our personality quirks, behavior, communication-even our sense of peace could be empowered to land us in our best lives and impact.

Working with someone who is walking the talk and whose niche provides you with an expert tool to start digging into who and what you are and where you want to go can get you further to your "perfect". I'm carrying a pretty heavy tool belt-I'd love to help you discover what "perfect" means to you and help you get there.

Take this little "quiz" to see if you might benefit from coaching. Answer YES or NO.

1. I would like my life to be lived with a real purpose. Not necessarily just work related.

2. I know I'm not as "good" with people as I would like to be.

3. I know I could improve my communication both at work and at home.

4. There are personal aspects of my life that I would like to change.

5. I would like to know what my "triggers" are completely before they "trigger".

6. I would like to have "control" over my more negative "triggers" and not react to them.

7. I would like to feel peaceful and fulfilled.

8. I would like to not have things/people bother me as much as they do.

9. I would like to know how to diffuse conflict both at home and at work.

10. I would like to live to my fullest potential.

11. I would like to know what I "came here to do". And do it.

12. I would like to be able to quickly interpret people's behavior and influence the context.

13. I would like to understand personalities better. What a mystery!

14. There are work targets I know I need to hit in order to grow and achieve.

15. I need to empower my leadership skills (skills of influence).

16. Frankly, I know I could be happier, overall.

17. I would like people to consistently benefit positively from my impact.

18. I am curious in general and want to use that to understand people better.

19. I am willing to change what isn't working.

20. I'm not afraid to look at myself and who/what I am and have been, closely.

Did you answer "YES" to more than 10 of these? You might really benefit from coaching.

More than 15? You DEFINITELY would benefit from coaching.

Did you answer "NO" to 18, 19 and 20? You would STRUGGLE with you know why???

Give me a shout to start your affordable coaching program. I'm ready when you are!


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