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Come To My Table

There are a lot of things I need to work on-I'm ok with that. 

Then, there are a few things that I rock and allowing others to have their truths, speak their truths and discuss their truths is one of them. 

I'm not without opinion of course, but the thing we need to remember about opinion is that it boxes us in and really roots us into being this kind of one-dimensional being, uber fused with our "person-hood". What's wrong with that? I've been asked. We are people after all..

To that I answer, thank you Captain Obvious, but the thing is, we do have the ability to lightly grasp an opinion and quietly go about our business and hover in neutral when we are connecting with other people. To me this means, listen to the truths of others without going "high and right" (or left). We can just be ourselves and talk without having to take on other people's truths or feel like they're trying to make that happen. If you feel like someone is trying to push their truth on you and you get triggered, you allowed yourself to get triggered-make no mistake. No one can “do” that to you-they can't "touch" you unless you let them. 

Right now, people in this country are losing their ever-lovin' minds. Blame, shame and hate is everywhere. But so is the good stuff and you’ll find what you are looking for. My adventures in consciousness can assure you that grounding, peace, happiness and all that stuff lies in places of an elevated space-a space with the ability to listen to others without resisting or pushing their reality away, without feeling tied to or stuck to your opinion so tightly that you can't allow others to be who they are without a fight. Without freaking out and hating them or hurting them or "schooling" them. 

Neutrality is something you need to work toward. True neutrality is when you feel like it's almost impossible to stand behind opinion because you can "see" all the other realities of something. You know that they are truths simply because they exist and you feel no need to take a side or a stance because none of it matters-we are all the same and no opinion matters just as much as every opinion does. You need to prove nothing. You hover above it all-and all of this sounds like  “foo foo”  to people who aren't there yet. I understand, but one day you might "get it" and trust me, it's much better. 

As for me, if you come to my table you lay ego aside and let common ground do its thing. You be you, you do your thing, but I don't have space for people who are so nailed to their opinion that it spews judgment and negativity on to others. Now, in saying that I’m not judging you...I simply don't allow it into my space. I create the reality of my life, meaning: I decide what kind of focus I want and working through my own "person-hood" is tough enough, let alone taking on the vibe of someone else. 

Here are a few things to remember if you want to get better at receiving the energy of others when it comes to opinion:

There will never be just one truth, but many. If it's real to someone, it exists and it becomes "a" truth. You don't like it when someone tries to steal your truth from you, so you can't expect to do that to others. Listen, ask questions, guide if you feel like you need to. That's about it. 

Common ground is always a larger space than the differences.  Most of the time, you are more alike than you want to admit. If you choose to see how you are different, that’s what you will always experience. Why does looking for common ground seem so threatening? Most of the time it's because you have judged the other person as "bad" somehow and you don't want to align with them-which in truth, most of those folks are good people but you don't want to allow it. If they are bad, than you can be the righteous. That's such bullshit. 

Why do you really care what other people think? I am talking more "everyday life" here, rather than being concerned about ideologies of violent or dangerous people (which is a real concern of course). But in your everyday life, why do you care what other people think and do? Whose life are you living anyway? Why do you need to prove anything to anyone? Why or how the hell does that matter?!?

Maybe being "mad" feels validating or good. Do you know why? Why does it feel like everyone loves to hate someone? To me, it's just simple projection. When you don't feel good, you look for something to blame it on. If it bothers you, you're looking for a way to make sense out of it, looking for the cause. Maybe you enjoy all of this and aren't disciplining yourself to be better. Come on...some of you know it's true. 

I've totally over simplified this concept, and the idea of neutrality, I realize, but it's worth chewing on.  I think people think of neutrality as void or something. I think of it more as "unattached" or fluid. Neutrality doesn't create hard lines because it exists from a place that sees the universal, collective consciousness, how everything feeds into itself and also, how it is anchored to the physical when there is more to gain from releasing grips on that space. 

So, let's talk about it....


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