As well as being a seasoned coach with focuses on psychology, behavioral and influence, I am also a professional in consciousness development and an energy intuitive with a set of unique skills. As a realist and a natural-born cynic, I have worked for many years to negotiate and understand the skills I was given to present them to you in a relevant and practical way. 

When people want to improve their lives, what they are really trying to do is raise their consciousness (total life awareness & mastery) and attain a higher emotional vibration that leads to peace, fulfillment and happiness. It's a big undertaking-but with the right coach, you can zero in on the emotional, psychological and behavioral factors that need to all work together. We will talk about your emotional and cognitive processes, thinking and decision making, intention and focus, spiritual faith and dedication, meditation, health, food and body wellness..the whole gamut. A total of 6 sessions is minimum for real improvement. You will leave with resources, referrals for specifically focused practitioners, spiritual "work" and reading. Although all of these things are not required, they are designed to keep the work moving forward at your own comfort and pace. $60 for 60 minutes $75 for 90 minutes: (free 30 minute consult via phone). 

Everything in existence radiates energy-humans are no different. Our energy field houses emotional vibration and contains information that clairsentients and energy intuitives are able to "read". Often, your energy field contains significant experience that shapes your life. A life energy reading is designed to help you understand what's "in there" and identify where you might need to focus to empower your life. With me, we blend that information, psychology, behavioral science, quantum physics, intuition skills (higher self guidance) for an experience that won't ever duplicate itself. You will leave with insight and "homework" as well as resources to help you on your way. Expect anything from coaching, to card reading, to higher consciousness communication.

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$50 for 60 minutes, 65 for 90 minutes