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Welcome neighbors! 

As some of you know, my family and I moved into 499 Hawksmoore in December 2019 and we have been working on it since! The inside is coming along nicely (see Before & After photos below!) The exterior comes next!


Buyers understand HLE to be an esthetically pleasing community with generous sized properties, a lake with the "best fishing", fresh roads, mature landscaping,  a prime location close to both downtown L.O and Clarkston and schools that can't beat no matter what side of the 'hood you're on! Buyers see this neighborhood as a "destination" or "living goals" and I personally have had two conversations in 2021 with serious buyers that are looking to buy in the neighborhood! If I have had two, there are other agents who definitely have as well!

Coffee bar (after)!

Bedside Table

Buffet ( before)


The National Association of Realtors predicts that the housing market will still be going strong in spring of 2021. In the last two years, the longest a home I have sold "sat" on the market without an offer is 7 days! Although that's not a guarantee, how quickly a home sells has to do with price point, neighborhood, condition, age and update..among other reasons! There are a few things to remember about selling in Heather Lake:

-All of our homes here are beautiful..and some of them need some updating! The more updated your home, the higher the dollar you'll get. Don't get too excited about selling for "that high price" when you see a similar house go up on the market. Or if one goes up for a lot less than you think it should: it's all about condition and update!

-At higher price points (such as the homes you find here) people have a higher expectation for what they get for the money. Reputation of the subdivison alone won't get you that higher dollar amount.


-There are some things you don't need to do even though you think you need to. I'm happy to stop by and help you decide what your best effort is!

Laundry room (Before)

Laundry room

(almost done!)

Kitchen (before)

Kitchen Total



Although I assist clients in the home buying process, I consider myself a Listing Specialist. Meaning, I have specific and targeted strategies to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar. 

From January 1st to March 15th, I spend most of my time going to people's homes to help them get it ready for spring sale. This includes staging, home improvement, price analysis, market analysis, contractor assistance for any improvements and design ideas. 

My goal is to have two valid, serious buyers who want to see your home before it even hits the market. 

I use relevant social media strategies, relational marketing and solid connections with area Realtors to make this possible. 

6 inch, matte finish, wide plank

white oak from Northern Flooring

No obligation, no pressure, no hassle. In person or virtual! 


4363 Klais

4363 Klais 28 Days on Market SOLD 366K

824 Heather Lake

824 Heather Lake Drive 60 Days on Market SOLD 364K

906 Heather Lake

906 Heather Lake Drive 10 Days on Market SOLD (over list) 469K

771 Hawksmoore

771 Hawksmoore Drive 377 Days on Market SOLD 500K

9393 Thornhill

9393 Thornhill 49 Days on Market SOLD 450K

614 Hawksmoore Ct

614 Hawksmoore Court 43 Days on Market SOLD 437K

4100 Newcastle

4100 Newcastle 271 Days on Market SOLD 518K

4180 Newcastle

4180 Newcastle 96 Days on Market SOLD 585K