A "project" is something you work hard on, something you put all your effort into-I consider selling your home as my professional "project" that I put all my passion and energy into because you deserve it!

Your home has been your haven. It has a story, you gave it life and I see part of my job as presenting it to buyers and your community in such a way, they can see themselves continuing the story!

The Listings Project is my version of real estate creativity. No matter what my client load looks like, I treat the sale of your home as if it's the only listing I have. Although I can't make guarantees, I can say the longest a listing of mine sat on the market without an offer is 7 days!

Here are a few things I bring to the table:

  • Market expertise and study

  • Confident and accurate pricing 

  • Outstanding Realtor ® relationships

  • Creative open houses

  • Fresh flowers

  • Flawless professional photographs

  • A relevant and effective social media campaign connecting to thousands of people

  • Creative photography outside of professional shots for social media stories and posts to show your home consistently

  • Broker opens (if needed)

  • Interior design experience and savvy for staging, painting and visual cleanup and appeal

  • Creative videos..and more!

To sell your home for the highest price, we need to highlight its uniqueness in the market. This is something I LOVE to do and shine, in this area especially! Let's chat about what I can do for you! For a free, in home consult and market analysis contact me here!

Country Style Living Room


I'm happy to come in for a no pressure/no obligation chat to see if selling with me is right for you! If I find the buyer, I reduce commission by 1%