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Is it worth your time and risk?

Who doesn't want to save money? Especially on the sale of your home-which could be a significant amount. I've known many homeowners who at one time, thought (or tried!) to sell their home on their own and while it can be done, truthfully, it's often more trouble than it's worth, in the end. Statistically, sellers who put their home up "FSBO", end up making less than if they used a Realtor ® and so many things can "go south" in any real estate transaction, unless you're a real estate attorney, you're not protected. 


Still curious? Here a few things I know from experience that YOU should know while selling FSBO!

  • Unfortunately, many buyer agents (if you're willing to work with one) don't even know that you're out there. Our MLS (that lists all homes for sale) don't include yours and that is how almost all agents stay in touch with available properties. Further more, many buyer agents don't want to deal with a FSBO and may ignore you all together. 

  • Many buyers are scared of you! If you're not willing to work with a buyer's agent, very few buyers are going to want go through the real estate transaction without a professional-for lack of know-how. They are also unprotected should things get sticky.

  • Working with Realtors ® means that you are protected by the agent's specific association for assistance with disputes, property and protocol challenges and the like. As a professional, I can assure you that there are MANY things that can come up in a transaction that you did not plan for-having third party industry support is major. 

  • Working with Realtors ® means you are being supported by the agent's Broker-another group of individuals you want in your corner. 

  • Hiring a Realtor ® to sell your home means you are working with someone who (should!) know the market better than you-including what clients are looking for, what big/small improvements to be made that will help sell your home for top dollar, what the market is doing in your area and similiar areas...which means your house will sell for what it's worth and will sell much more quickly. 

  • Realtors ® have a bigger buyer network than you. They also can professionally market it in creative and appealing ways that will reach the masses. Good Realtors ® know what works. 

  • Your hired Realtor ® is negotiating for you and knows the home buying/selling process so well, they can factor these things into your negotiation-things you may not even know about. 

  • Your hired Realtor ® is managing the entire thing for you. It is not just about transferring title-you could lose time, money AND the buyer if the process is not handled correctly :) 


I understand the temptation! Here are a few things I would recommend to make your process successful:

  • Hire a Real Estate attorney. If you get into obstacles with your buyer and cannot resolve them and are in contract, you might need legal support. 

  • Call your county and ask about any required compliance/inspections in order to transfer title and perform them. Make sure to complete all requirements in a timely manner. 

  • Follow the title transfer requirements to the letter! Diligent compliance with title work is a must!

  • Try to be scarce when people go through your home-buyers are turned off by seller's that are hovering because they want privacy to look at and discuss what they see. 

  • Savvy buyers will likely ask you for seller's disclosures. Make sure you have them and they are filled out correctly. 

  • Buyers will likely need an inspection and an appraisal-you will need to make your home available for these things. 

  • Understand that just because your're in contract with a buyer, does not mean it's a guarantee the sale will happen, for multiple reasons! 



I'm happy to come in for a no pressure/no obligation chat to see if selling with me is right for you! If I find the buyer, I reduce commission by 1%

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