Blending multiple disciplines for positive growth

Ultimately, "positive psychology" is a method of creating wellness that is focused on meaning, using proactive techniques rather than starting from a place of "unwellness". 

As we are both human and consciousness, my approach is to discover and focus on the highest potential inherent in all of us, "normalize" the human aspects of life and draw out and find the deeper meaning-a quest we are all in, as individuals. 

We focus in the present, challenge beliefs about the past and create the future. 

The foundation is relationship-it's the earth to our sun. Our relationship to other people, our world around us, our interior landscape, our beliefs, our conditioning and our emotions is the grounding force in our meaning making and revolving daily, around the high-potential part of us on the quest for a more elevated state of mind. 

Whether we are coaching, training as a group or consulting for workplace performance, my content and approach foundation remains the same but is tailored for you, your group and your context. 

In our coaching sessions, topics we will focus on are: psychology, leadership science, influence, bioenergy, beliefs, social/familial/internal conditioning, vibrational resonance and the body, emotions as frequencies, adaptive meditation, human dynamics, communication and more..