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Thank you for being here!

I have been so fortunate to follow all my talents and have the ability to help so many people in important ways. Inspired by curiosity, potential and a deep connection to peaceful living, I embarked on a leadership and human dynamics career, earning a Master's Degree in Leadership Science and am nearly finished with a PhD in Psychology. As a specialist, my human dynamics focus was on why we do what we do, how we do it and how it makes us feel (see a full bio here). I enjoyed a fifteen year-long career as a business owner, consultant, lecturer, coach, facilitator and speaker. I also hosted two radio shows and was a guest on many business shows, blogs and publications, such as Crain's Detroit. I studied energy psychology, consciousness and the body, the mind and manifestation, psychoneuroimmunology and other Noetic sciences that dive deep into the development and connection to the spirit. I still enjoy working with people in this capacity, in selective environments, and with individuals truly seeking a more grounded way of living. I invite you to follow my Blog to join me in my continued journey in embracing the true essence of the joy of living. 

As a child, I was enamored with homes-their architecture, exterior and interior spaces, how they make us feel and how people chose to design those spaces. As an adult working intimately with individuals, helping them to achieve peace in their lives, I became acutely aware of how important our homes are because they hold all the energy of our lives. For our mental and emotional well being, what we live in everyday matters. 


In 2018, living in the Lansing area, I decided to become a licensed Realtor®-finally bringing together my passion for sacred space into the marketplace. I enjoyed a successful career in that market, working with Berkshire Hathaway, Tomie Raines, in East Lansing. In 2020, my family moved into Oakland County and after a wonderful year with wonderful people at Remax, I decided to join Arterra Realty, located in downtown Rochester. An agency truly dedicated to education on home construction, presentation, product knowledge and an elevated lifestyle, I knew that the Arterra perspective was aligned with my next chapter as a Real Estate advisor. 

To support my career, I became a certified Real Estate Negotiation Expert (R.E.N.E), and am currently completing my certification in luxury home markets, digital design and social media and completing my certification in interior design from the New York Institute of Architecture and Design (NYIAD). In addition, I should be (finally!) finished with my PhD by late 2023. 

There are so many great Realtors® available to you, it's true! I am able to offer a skill set and a client experience that is unique among most agents: my expertise and education in human dynamics assist me with understanding personality, communication, and change; and my dedication to industry knowledge as well as a genuine passion for design brings the transaction and the relationship together in positive and beneficial ways.  

It would be an honor to discuss your home and/or personal goals with you and see how I might assist you in the exciting, next chapter of your life! 


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