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I am an energy intuitive and psychology professional, with years of education, certification and experience working with individuals and groups in the areas of personal development and spiritual growth. 

As a student of psychology at the doctoral level and an avid researcher into all things "energy", my area of expertise lies in the science of consciousness, emotional coherence, energy as vibration/frequency, psychology, meditation and the brain, healing and a bunch of other sciences that investigate the more "noetic" aspects of life. 

My background is steeped in human dynamics-I have a Master's Degree in Leadership Science and ran my own facilitation, coaching and speaking business called FlightLead for over ten years. I have coached and trained thousands of people. My PhD is in Psychology, with a focus in Trauma, and my dissertation researches meditation, consciousness and radical healing. I continue my education through specific courses and reading research on everything I can get my hands on that pertains to the topics above. 

As an energy intuitive, I have been able to "feel" and "read" people's energy all my life. I can also connect with crossed over consciousness and I just "know stuff" about people. Over the years, I have come to understand that my calling and my skill is to assist people in psychological and emotional healing and living to their fullest potential in the higher realms of consciousness.  I am dedicated to integrity, excellence and peace. 

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